Training Camp


  • New to dog ownership and don’t know where to start?
  • NO time or patience? At your wit’s end?
  • Just want a GOOD DOG?
  • Busy with work and/or kids?
  • Hit a wall with a certain behavior?
  • Going out of town or vacation?

If you answered YES, to any of these, then you’ve come to the right place! Let US do the hard work so you can just maintain the results. Check out the details of our services HERE.


  • Your dog will stay IN HOME with one of our experienced trainers
  • We DO NOT use electronic shock collars
  • We teach real life, practical manners and establish long lasting GOOD HABITS.  Who cares about whether your dog can “sit” or “down” if he still acts like a maniac in the house, at the dog park and out in public?!?
  • We provide each dog with a PRIMARY TRAINER for individualized attention.
  • We work together as a TEAM OF TRAINERS to provide your dog the benefit of a team of expertise.
  • We have the privilege to get to know your dog PERSONALLY in order to tailor their training specifically to what works best
  • We post regular photos on our BLOG of your dog’s progress so you can see what s/he is learning
  • We take your dog to classes and on field trips for PUBLIC MANNERS
  • We OFFER SUPPORT after graduation with two sessions to transfer the material back to you as well as an on-going weekly group class.

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